Interview: USA Faces Critical Game Against Germany


Not many people thought it would come down to this, but it has.

The United States Men’s National Team will survive the World Cup’s “Group of Death” if it beats or ties Germany Thursday (or even if the US loses, depending on the outcome of the Portugal/Ghana game).

It’s a showdown filled with dramatic story lines: US coach Jurgen Klinsmann is German. He used to coach the German National Team. He won the World Cup in 1990 when he played for that team (West Germany, back then).

The US squad features five German-Americans.

Despite whispers the two teams might agree to a “non-aggression pact” to ensure the tie – meaning both would move on – the two sides insist they’re playing for the win.

ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg joined us to discuss:

Have to work during the game today? Give this note to your boss. It’s from US Soccer coach Jergen Klinsmann!

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