Interview: Ways to Save on Gas


Vacation season is here and for many, that means loading up the car or SUV and heading to theme parks or the beach, or going out of state for a few days. But that can get expensive with gas prices. Thankfully, the costs have gone down just a bit this week, with the average price in Florida$3.60, down about $.02 from last week, according to Mark Jenkins of AAA. Mark joined ‘Your Wake Up Call’ this morning to talk about the costs of gas and how travelers can save when planning trips.

Mark suggests avoiding gas stations near airports and those near on and off ramps of the interstate. You’ll also want to steer clear of stations in rural areas where there is no competition. Your best bet is to plan ahead by downloading the AAA app on your smartphone, where you can search ahead for the cheapest gas prices. You can also map out where you’re going on so you can budget your trip accordingly.

Listen to the full interview here to find out more ways to save: