Indiana Man Charged With Florida Identity Theft

Indiana Man Arrested And Charged After Stealing Floridian’s Identity


The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has indicted an Indiana man who was discovered to be living in Florida under a dead man’s name.

Richard Hoagland, 63, has been indicted on one count of aggravated identity theft and three counts of making a false statement to the Federal Aviation Administration, said the sheriff’s office.

Photo: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Back in July Hoagland was arrested after he had been found living as Terry Jude Symansky in Zephyrhills. Police say he had been living under that name since 1994.

Detective Anthony Cardillo, an investigator on the case, told IndyStar in July that Hoagland had been renting a room from the father of a commercial fisherman who drowned in 1992 in West Palm Beach after leaving his Fishers, Ind. home in 1993.

Hoagland found a death certificate in that room and using that information he was able to obtain the man’s birth certificate followed by an Alabama driver’s license.

In 1994 Hoagland received a Florida driver’s license under that name, said police.

While using Symansky’s name, Hoagland got married, had a child, got credit cards, registered vehicles and purchased property. Police say he also got a pilot’s license and medical certificate in 2012 and 2014. He used the false information to register for partial ownership in an aircraft in 2014 as well.

Matthew, Hoagland’s son, told IndyStar that he and his family had not been contacted by authorities, but said the indictment “has been a long time coming.”

Hoagland faces a maximum of five years in federal prison for each false statement charge and two years for the aggravated identity theft charge, if convicted on all counts.

Hoagland spent almost 22 years with a false identity.