Huckabee: I’m Best Choice for Heads Up Match Against Hillary

FLORIDA – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talks about his pending presidential run, opposing gay marriage, Bill Clinton’s relationship with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his potential heads up match with Hillary Clinton for the Oval Office.

“Every political race I’ve run has been against the Clinton machine.”

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If you do decide to run for president, if you were to obtain the GOP nomination, would you like to go up against somebody particular and would that someone be Hilary Clinton because you’re familiar with her and her Arkansas background?

“Well I certainly probably know her better than any of the other Republicans. In fact every time I ever ran for office I was essentially running against the Clinton political machine. But I mean I think what would be great for the country is that for all the other Republicans and all of Democrats would be to just bow out and let me have a cake walk right to the coronation and it would really save us a lot of money, time and pain and that’s my suggestion, Dan, if we think of it that way, I think the country would be much better off.”

Yesterday in Huntsville you opposed gay marriage. Can you talk about that?

“Sure. I mean my position is the same that Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden had in 2008. In fact they had that position up until 2012 when they all changed their view. The view that I hold is the one I’ve held throughout my life. It’s based on my faith and based on the fact that we just don’t have any long standing-history with same-sex marriage in the world where there have generations in which the government has officially approved and recognized it. I don’t know why my view is the one that’s considered to be out of the norm or the strange one. Because Barack Obama, and I point this out in the book, that Barack Obama was the one in 2008 who said the reason he opposed same-sex marriage which he said he did at the time was because he was a Christian and the exact words he used were ‘I can’t go there because God is in the mix.’ Well if he changed his view, one of three things had to have happened. One, he wasn’t telling the truth in 2008, he’s not telling the truth now about his position or maybe the Bible got rewritten and he got the only copy of the new version.”

I heard a rumor that you and Governor Jeb Bush had a conversation and the conversation was revolving around whether or not you’d be interested in being on the ticket with Jeb Bush as the vice president.

“No that conversion never happened. Jeb and I have been good friends for many years, we were both governors separately, I have great respect and admiration for him, I consider him a friend, he considers me a friend. We’re very cordial with each other. We had lunch together in New York a couple months ago and we both talked very openly about the prospects that we might be in the race and even then it was a very civil tone of one of the things I think we both agreed to we’re not going to go up there and savage each other because it just wouldn’t be in our nature. But there was never talk anywhere about, ‘Gosh if you run, I won’t run’ or ‘If I run you won’t run’ or ‘If you run I’ll pick you’ none of that. It was just two friend getting together having lunch and talking honestly about the challenges of running for president if in fact either one of us end up doing it. And it looks like both of us will.”

So are you going to officially announcing you’re running right now?

“No I’ll hold off on that for later this spring which is always been my timetable but I mean as I’ve told people I don’t think it would be anything less than disingenuous in light of the fact that I left the Fox News show that I thoroughly enjoyed. And I didn’t do it just so I can spend Saturdays at home so I mean barring some complications that I have not hit yet, I think people can surmise where I’m headed.”

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