How To Talk To Kids About Navy Yard Shootings

Not again.

That’s what I thought, and what many parents across the country were thinking aloud on social media following the Washington Navy Yard shooting rampage that left 12 people plus the suspect dead.
Fort Hood. Aurora. Sandy Hook. Boston. And now the nation’s capital. Another mass tragedy filled with incomprehensible loss, nonstop news coverage and a major question for parents: What do we tell our kids?

That question is even more difficult for parents in the Washington area since their children — from elementary school age on up — are likely to hear about the attacks that unfolded in their backyard.

Jessica McFadden, a mom of three who lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington, said she’d be taking her cues from her children about what to say and when. At the same time, she’ll try to ensure she and her husband are the first sources of information for their eldest, a 9-year-old son.


Source: CNN