How Brian Lost 140 Pounds

Brian McLaughlin used to arrive 20 minutes early to on-site client meetings. He would drive around the parking lot to find a space close to the building, and then go inside to cool off from the short walk. The extra weight he was carrying made him sweat constantly inside his suit.

McLaughlin had struggled with weight his entire life. At age 10 he weighed 140 pounds; at age 20 he was 280 pounds. By 30, he had reached his heaviest weight of 330 pounds.

In 2010, McLaughlin moved from Ireland to New York, after landing a job as software architect for the New York Stock Exchange. He went out for lunch and dinner with his new American co-workers in an attempt to socialize and make friends — sacrificing all hopes of eating healthy.

“I was living a bachelor lifestyle,” says McLaughlin. “I would eat and drink a lot, which played havoc with the weight.”

He tried The Atkins Diet and Weight Watchers but nothing seemed to click.