Hills. Commission To Vote On Sales Tax Hike




Hillsborough County Commission votes today on whether to put a question on the November ballot asking voters if they are willing to pay a half cent more in sales tax.

All proceeds from the tax hike would go toward county transportation projects.

Voting to put the question on the ballot apparently wouldn’t be much of a risk for commissioners in this area’s traditionally tax-averse political scene.

A recent poll by Tampa-based Mercury shows two thirds of county voters now definitely or likely support the tax hike for roads and public transportation.

The Hillsborough County road system has been deemed unprepared for the massive number of people moving into the area.

The result has been traffic unrelenting congestion that has the bay area ranked among the worst in the nation.

Hillsborough County commissioners meet at 6 Wednesday evening at the All Peoples Life Center.

A public hearing will precede the vote.