Herman Cain Gets His Man On

It was announced that a new witness has come forward against Presidential Candidate Herman Cain claiming he allegedly witnessed Cain touching Sharon Bialek.

Dr. Victor Zuckerman is the newest person to come out and claim that he was in fact present in the Chicago restaurant 14 years ago when the event took place.

Bialek, of course, is the woman whom is charging Cain in a sexual harassment suit saying he, “suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals.”

Hiring Dr. Zuckerman to claim that he was a first hand witness on the event is the logical move for the left.  They hire a well respected doctor to collaborate the report against their foe in hopes of landing a final crushing blow.

Unfortunately for the left they are going about this all the wrong way.  Dr. Zuckerman should have come out and claimed that he too was touched by Cain.  This would be the best way to discredit Cain as a conflicted man with indistinct morals.

The American public is constantly looking for a juicer story and what is most shocking.  A black, conflicted closet homosexual conservative Presidential Candidate is just that.  This is a story that Americans of all race and religion would embrace and would promote extreme discussion.

If elected we would truly be the envy of the world all the while encouraging true equality, diversity and ingenuity.

Any man can be charged with a sexual harassment against women but it is a remarkable accomplishment to have the same suit slapped against you by a fellow man.

Champagne would fall from the heavens and humanity could finally rejoice in unison.

Look for this to be the next move by the democrats as they continue there crusade towards to inevitable destruction of Herman Cain.

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