Hazmat Crews Called Out To Tampa Apartment

At 1:30 this morning, dispatchers from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue received a 911 call for the smell of gas in an apartment, 4733 Waters Ave., the Waterford at Cypress Lakes Apartments.

The caller stated they smelled gas from the kitchen, according to HCFR. Multiple HCFR units along with the HazMat team on scene to find the source of the leak and found that 5 apartments were affected in the source building. Residents were awakened and evacuated to a safe area of the complex while firefighters stopped the leak and ventilated the spaces.

hazMat teams then thoroughly check each unit for air quality and there is no gas remaining even in the deepest corners of each apartment affected. residents were returned to their homes without further incident.

No one was taken to hospitals as a result of this incident.