Have People Forgotten The Meaning Of Christmas?

Christmas should be a time of great joy, but often times, it isn’t.

Perhaps the joy is lost in the season’s gaudy and frantic commercialization that has turned a great holy day into a secular holiday, says international speaker John Horvat. There is also the loud revelry of winter parties present that tend to suffocate the memories of calm Christmases past. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that the merry is often taken out of our Christmases, he says.

“It is not as if people do not try to celebrate Christmas,” says Horvat, author of “Return to Order.” “But this vague desire to be merry often triggers only warm and fuzzy feelings. The final result is a sensation of a great emptiness of something that is gone missing. There is a reason for this emptiness. Christmas cannot just be a jumble of fuzzy feelings.”

Horvat joined Your Wake Up Call to discuss some ways to get the feeling of Christmas back:

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