Halloween Incident Report: How Did The Spooks Do?

Halloween Incidents Across The State

Halloween is meant to be a fun spooky holiday, but for some it is a chance to scare other people. It seems every year there are some incidents that only seem to take place on the eery holiday. Here are some of the bizarre crimes that took place on Halloween:

In Orlando:

  • The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the stabbing of one man and attack on another. Police say two men, who are in their 30s, were driving down Harrel Road at about 9 p.m. when they felt like they hit something with their car. Upon exiting the vehicle to check a group of about 20 people wearing Halloween costumes attacked the two men. One man was stabbed in the head and the other was hit with a hockey stick. The men were taken to the hospital. Deputies are still investigating and have yet to arrest anyone.

In Jacksonville:

  • Parents of children at Shirley’s Victorious Learning Center are on the fence about a prank pulled by one of the employees. A volunteer to the center put on a Freddy Krueger mask and ran around, scaring a group of children. The learning center said parents were aware of the festivities and they had received no complaints. But after video was released showing the prank that took place during story time some parents are arguing it was too much for young children.

In Clearwater:

  • Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, found himself rallying in Clearwater on Halloween night. About halfway through his speech the lights went out. Inside the airplane hangar supporters found themselves in spooky confusion. The power was out completey, no light and no sound. Of course many were quick to blame Hilary, but was it the work of some spirits haunting the hangar? Eventually power was restored and Pence was able to finish his speech.