Grandparents Speak To AM 820 News About Citrus County Infants Abused

Grandparents of abused infants speak to Chris Curly on AM 820 News about their 14-month-old granddaughter, and 5-month-old infant currently in the PICU in critical condition.

[audio:820/rebeccacecil.mp3 |titles= Citrus Country Infants Abused]

The 20-year-old parents have been arrested and charged with aggravated child neglect.

Grandparent, Rebecca Cecil, gives us an exclusive interview while holding the 14-month-old who can be heard playing in the background. She is reportedly doing fine and Cecil is happy to have her home.

Rebecca tells us “the 5-month-old is in the PICU, we not getting a lot of information but we do know she has a brain bleed and bruises.”

There is more that Rebecca is not  privileged to tell at this time, but she is hopeful.

“I feel bad for the girls. I want justice for them. They kept moving and being homeless and starved. There were a lot of red flags.”

The worried grandmother says the parents don’t deserve the kids.

“Sometimes they had no sheets on their mattresses.”

It was hard to turn in their own grandchildren but they had to do what was right for the children at this time.

“Who knows what issues these girls will have because of this. I hope the mother stays in jail for a long time.”

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