Gov. Rick Scott Unveils 2015-16 “Keep Florida Working” Budget

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today unveiled his 2015-2016 “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget which includes over $673 million in tax cuts for Florida families and businesses and has the highest per student funding for K-12 education in Florida’s history. Governor Scott’s “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget totals $77 billion and keeps a total of $5.2 billion in reserves.

Governor Scott said, “To the people of Florida: this budget shows that it’s your money. You can spend it better than government. Thank you for your hard work in helping businesses add more than 728,000 new jobs over the last four years. We know we have more work to do and this budget will certainly help ‘KEEP FLORIDA WORKING!

“There is a great temptation in government to think it can spend people’s money better than they can, but it’s not true. People know how best to spend their own money, and because of our job creation and pro-growth policies, we have a major budget surplus and are giving Floridians back $673 million in tax cuts.

“Some people will say that we should not cut taxes, but our ‘KEEP FLORIDA WORKING’ proves that we can. We can give families back $673 million in their own money – while saving money for everyone in this state who pays a cell phone bill or a cable or satellite TV bill. We can afford to help those families who have scrimped and saved and worked hard for the last four years by giving them back more of the money that belongs to them. Our budget cuts taxes while meeting – and exceeding – our requirements under Amendment 1 to protect the environment, and providing record K-12 total and per student funding.

“Our budget reflects the priorities I spoke about during the campaign last year. It is a strong budget because our economy is strong, and the key to keeping our economy growing even stronger is to give families back more of the money they already make.”

Source: Rick Scott Press Release