How To Not Get Struck By Lightning


There have been a few cases of people in Florida, which is the lightning capital of the world, getting hit by lightning. There was even a recent case out in California.

It’s always good to know how to prevent disasters. Here’s a few tips:

1. Stay out of open areas. Fields, golf courses, parking lots. This makes you the tallest thing around and an easy target.

2. Stay away from metal. Obviously metal is a conductor of electricity.

3. Water is also a conductor. Stay out of water.

4. Don’t stand under tall objects such as towers or trees. The lightning can jump to you if the tree or tower gets hit.

5. Don’t fly kites.

6. Don’t carry an umbrella.

7. Get in a car and stay there. Even though cars are all metal, if it gets stuck, the electricity will go through the car and around you.

8. If you’re caught in an open area during a storm, find a ditch and crouch down. If you can’t find a ditch, curl up as small as possible.