Waterspout Moves Onshore Bounce House Flys With Kids Inside

MIAMI (AP) _ Authorities say three children have been injured after a waterspout made landfall on a Fort Lauderdale beach and sent an inflatable bounce house flying into the air.

Police say two of the three children have been sent home from a hospital Monday evening with minor fractures and a third child was in stable condition and held overnight for observation.

Police say the children were thrown from the bounce house soon after the waterspout lifted it from the beach at Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale Police spokesman Keven Dupree says when the waterspout came ashore Monday afternoon, it uprooted the bounce house and sent it across a parking lot and over four lanes of traffic.

No pedestrians or vehicles were injured and a second, unoccupied bounce house also went flying. The bounce houses were set up for a city-sponsored Memorial Day holiday event.

Video shows the whirling column of air and water mist move from the ocean onto the sand, tossing a canopy and rolling the bounce house before lifting it into the air.