Watch: Gator Jumps Into Vacationer’s Boat

Lions, Tigers And Gators, Oh My Florida

When most people hear the word Florida they think of the Sunshine State. However, Florida residents think differently.

Alligators have been making recent headlines for Florida. There was the huge, massive gator caught on camera at a Polk County Reserve last week and now there is this.

A couple on vacation from Missouri got quite the surprise when a gator jumped into their boat while touring through the Florida swamps. Tylor Hindery and his wife were enjoying the tour and Tylor was eager to spot a gator. He came equipped with his camera aimed and ready to capture a real Florida gator.

But he got more than just a picture-perfect moment.

“And that’s when, boom it just happened all of the sudden,” Tylor said to Springfield’s KY3.

See the couple explained to KY3 that the wind blew their boat right up next to a bank where a huge gator was lounging in the sun. Their captain was working to get the boat unstuck and was just about to push off the bank when the gator jumped into the boat.

The large reptile shuffled across the boat and got stuck for a few seconds in the boat’s railing on the other side before splashing back into the water.

While the animal worked his way across the boat, Tylor and Emerald, his wife, leapt to a safer spot on the boat to catch their breath. When they realized the gator was already back in the water Tylor steadied his camera and continued to shoot.

Tylor had captured the whole encounter on video since he was going Facebook Live at the time.

“My sister was watching it live and she said that she thought she was watching the end,” he stated to KY3. Emerald explained his sister said ” ‘I thought I was going to get to see the end of my brother,’ like she was excited–obviously she was joking.”

Besides Tylor and Emerald there were two other people on the boat besides the captain. No one was injured, just a little shook up from the incident.