Fake Florida Dentist Seeing Half a Dozen Patients a Week

A Davie man just can’t seem to shake his affinity for the dental arts; arrested for the third time for running a fake dentist’s office out of his home.

John Collazos, 52, was arrested after police staked out his house and saw people going in and out regularly.

It turns out Collazos was practicing dentistry without a license and was seeing six or seven patients a week, whom he procured by word of mouth. There’s no word how complex the procedures were that he was performing at his house and without any formal training, but a subsequent raid turned up all kinds of dental equipment including drills and bits and pain pills.

Police were alerted that Collazos was again up to no good by his wife after he allegedly hit her in the face and grabbed her arms, causing bruising.

Collazos got probation for practicing dentistry without a license in 2013, and he was arrested for treating woman for her toothache in 2012. Now he faces charges of practicing dentistry without a license, probation violation, and domestic violence.