Food Nation Radio Talks With Larry Cotton, Food Correspondent At Daytime TV

(Photo/Courtesy Daytime TV)


Recently we had a chance to sit down with Larry Cotton from Daytime Television. He has one of the best jobs around, in our opinion, visiting restaurants that have interesting dishes and interesting stories.

We asked him how he picks the restaurants he visits, some of the foods he likes and his most memorable restaurant story. Here is our interview with Larry Cotton:


Daytime airs 11am weekdays on channels 8 in Tampa, 45 in Orlando and 31 in Melbourne.

From Daytime TV, “Larry Cotton, sometimes called Daytime’s “Crew Food Specialist” serves two roles for the Daytime show. One as senior production cameraman and photographer and two as Daytime local restaurant review correspondent. His segment Larry’s Good Eats was his idea nearly five years ago when Daytime first hit the airwaves.

Larry enjoys covering the more eclectic restaurants and eateries around the Bay area. He takes exception though being labeled a food critic, he says he is more of a food guide for where to go for the best meals and deals. Don’t ask him what his favorite restaurant is, he will tell you it depends on his mood and that he is not done trying them all yet. To date Larry has eaten at over 100 restaurants and covered numerous festivals and “Live” events.

Larry originally hails from Cleveland,Ohio and has lived in Tampa since 1986. He graduated from The Ohio State University and is a huge Buckeye Fan as well a big Browns fan, but still always roots for the Buccaneers.”

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