Zimmerman Attorney Says He’ll File Appeal for Judge to Recuse Himself

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ The attorney for the shooter of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin says he is filing his appeal this week of the trial judge’s recent ruling not to recuse himself from the case.
Mark O’Mara, who is representing George Zimmerman on second-degree murder for the fatal February shooting of Martin, said Monday he expects Fifth District Court of Appeals to act quickly, but said it could take several weeks for a ruling.
 Judge Kenneth Lester denied O’Mara’s motion asking for the recusal earlier this month.

O’Mara argued then and is continuing to argue to the appeals’ court that language Lester used in setting Zimmerman’s $1 million bond showed bias.
 O’Mara also said the defense plans to try to get the case dismissed under traditional self-defense and not Florida’s “stand your ground” statute.