What Is The Future Of The St. Pete Pier?

ST. PETERSBURG — A pedestrian-only zone on Beach Drive, water taxis linking St. Petersburg to Tampa, footbridges turning the city’s parks into one contiguous waterfront path.

Armed with city maps and survey forms, more than 300 residents got creative Monday night, throwing out a slew of ideas for how to make the city’s waterfront more appealing. Connecting different parts of the shoreline to make it more walkable and adding more facilities for bicyclists and families were among the most popular ideas.

The meeting at the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg was the first of several forums to gather feedback from residents as city officials embark on drafting a downtown waterfront master plan, intended to be a blueprint for future development on the city’s signature shoreline.

The meeting came just weeks after the city’s plan for a new futuristic pier was overwhelmingly rejected by voters in a referendum.



Source: TBO