Wald Acquitted Of Fatally Shooting Wife’s Lover

TAMPA – A jury today found Ralph Wald not guilty of murder charges after he shot and killed a man he saw “fornicating” with his wife.

His wife said they’re planning a special celebration when he’s released later tonight: They’re going to the Waffle House.

The not guilty verdict came late this afternoon after morning testimony in which Wald said he was very careful when he fired three shots that killed a man having sex with his wife.

“Every shot I took was very, very controlled,” said the 70-year-old retired Brandon lawyer. “Every shot I took did exactly what I wanted it to do.”

Wald was testifying Thursday in his trial for second-degree murder in the March 10 killing of Walter Lee Conley, 32, who slain in the living room of Wald’s home.

After the shooting, Wald called 911 and said he had just shot his wife and a man who was “fornicating” with her.

Wald maintains he killed Conley because he thought Conley was raping his wife, the 41-year-old Flores, who says she was having an affair with Conley.
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