Unusual Interruption At Rays Game

Rays_Streaker_2013A tighty-whitey underwear “streaker” who jumped onto the field and interrupted the Tampa Bay Rays game Monday night spent the night in the Pinellas County Jail, authorities said.

And it’s not the first time underwear has gotten him in trouble with law enforcement.

Charles T. Ross, 19, of Bradenton, the man arrested at Tropicana Field, was also arrested in January after authorities said he gave wedgies to strangers at a Bradenton movie theater.

In fact, Ross has a website filled with videos of him pulling pranks, which included hugging strangers in public, doing handstands over people sunbathing at the beach and resting his head on a stranger’s shoulder.

This brief shenanigan was in a slightly larger arena — a Major League Baseball game at Tropicana Field.


Source: TBO