Univision Denies it Tried to Coerce Senator

MIAMI (AP) — The Univision television network denies allegations it told Florida Sen. Marco Rubio it might not broadcast a story about a relative’s decades-old drug conviction if he appeared on its news shows.

The story about his brother-in-law’s late 1980s cocaine trafficking conviction ran in July. Rubio was 16 when his brother-in-law was convicted and wasn’t involved.

Rubio did not appear on the network’s shows. The Spanish-language network said Tuesday it never used the story to pressure Rubio. Rubio’s spokesman told The Miami Herald the network’s head of news insinuated the offer on a conference call. The Herald first reported the allegations.

The fight has some Hispanic Republicans calling for GOP presidential candidates to boycott Univision’s planned debate in January. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman said Tuesday they would boycott.

Source: Laura Wides-Munoz – AP