Top 10 Worst and Best Jobs in the World

Researchers for’s list of the worst jobs in the world looked at things like work environment, stress levels, the amount of physical labor involved and income to create the list.

The top 10 worst jobs:

  1. Lumberjack
  2. Dairy farmer
  3. Enlisted military soldier
  4. Oil rig worker
  5. Newspaper reporter
  6. Waiter/waitress
  7. Meter reader
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Butcher
  10. Broadcaster

For the top BEST jobs in the world researchers also looked at work environment, physical demands, job outlook, income levels and stress.

The top 10 Best jobs are:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Actuary
  3. Human Resources Manager
  4. Dental Hygienist
  5. Financial Planner
  6. Audiologist
  7. Occupational Therapist
  8. On Line Advertising Manager
  9. Computer Systems Analyst
  10. Mathematician