Necropsy Underway For Beached Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale

TIERRA VERDE (FOX 13) – Researchers are performing a necropsy on a beached sperm whale that was euthanized Thursday off the shores of Madeira Beach.

The 32-foot long female has been moved to Fort De Soto – a more secluded area for marine experts to conduct their investigation about what happened to the whale, which was found yesterday morning.

This morning, an excavator helped pull the whale from the water and onto the shore, where dozens of scientists are now doing tests on the animal.

“We know they live to about 60 years of age,” said Kyle Baker of the National Marine Fisheries. “We don’t know a whole lot about them because they live so far out in the sea. As much as we can learn from this whale, it could benefit us and the whales.

Source: Fox 13

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