House Members Discuss Florida Online Sales Tax

onlinetaxes_florida_2013TALLAHASSEE — House members on Wednesday dove into the thicket of how to tax sales over the Internet, but it wasn’t clear they will do anything about it this session, either.

“I think we got a pretty good pulse of where the executive branch sits on this,” said Rep. Ritch Workman, chairman of the Finance and Tax subcommittee. “We may bring something back … It’s difficult to answer.”

Gov. Rick Scott now is looking to cut $500 million in state taxes and fees, and anything that even remotely looks like a tax hike will be dead on arrival.

That’s why Republicans and Democrats alike frame the taxing of online sales as a matter of fairness, putting online vendors and bricks-and-mortar businesses on a level playing field by requiring them to collect the same taxes. Florida’s sales tax is 6 percent.


Source: TBO