Former Boxing Champ Dukes it Out in Court

Former world champion boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho who won several world titles in the 1980s was duking it out in court yesterday with his ex-wife.

The champ fought Oscar de la Hoya, Felix Trinidad and Sugar Ray Leonard but yesterday he was fighting his ex-wife in an Orange County court.

The couple, who have been divorced for 10 years, were insulting each other, shouting un-flattering accusations and making obscene hand gestures.

Camacho was arrested in April for child abuse and is accused of throwing his 12 year old son to the ground and stomping on him because the son hid his money to stop his father from buying drugs.

Prosecutors wanted the judge to revoke Camacho’s bond for repeatedly trying to contact the now 13-year-old, but instead the judge just order the former champ to stop callin him.

But even after the hearing, the drama didn’t stop.

Camacho called his ex-wife a theif and a crook, she called him an animal.

The child abuse trial is set for September.