Florida Ranked Top 30 For Best School Systems

Florida has secured a spot in the Top 30 for states with the best school systems.

According to WalletHub’s 2017 States with the Best & Worst School Systems Florida ranked 21st out of 51 states (1=best, 51=worst). The personal finance website conducted this study due to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently facing criticism for her guidance on Every Student Succeeds Act and the state governments contribution to nearly half of public-school funding.

While most research targets academic outcomes or school finance, for this study WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 21 measures of a comprehensive approach, accounting for performance, funding, safety, class size and instructor credentials.

In the quality rank, Florida came in 31st and in safety the state ranked 12th. Breaking down the categories, the state came in tied for first for lowest median SAT score. On the other hand, Florida came in second for the lowest bullying-incidence rate.

Photo: WalletHub

Florida was also considered one of the low spending and strong school systems out of the 50 states and District of Columbia.

Looking at the breakdown further, the state ranked above average in Median SAT Score, Median ACT Score, Percent of Licensed/Certified Public K-12 Teachers, Dropout Rate, and Percent of Threatened/Injured High School Students.


Massachusettes ranked first in the safety and quality ranks making it the state with the best school systems. New Jersey and New Hampshire followed behind Massachusettes. Louisiana was the state with the worst school systems. New Mexico and West Virginia ranked just above Louisiana.