Florida Teen Charged With Killing Grandfather

CLEWISTON, Fla. (AP) — A judge has denied bond for a teen after authorities say he beat his grandfather’s head with a hammer, then slit his throat.

Clinton Travis Drake was been charged with second-degree murder. He was strapped to a restraining wheelchair because authorities said he was being combative at a court appearance Tuesday.

According to an arrest report, Drake got into an argument with his grandfather, 84-year-old John William Drake, at the elder man’s home before attacking him. It’s unclear what the two argued about.

Authorities said the 19-year-old placed his grandfather’s body in a truck and drove off. But Clinton Drake was eventually spooked by a traffic light camera and abandoned the vehicle.

The Fort Myers News-Press reports police captured him hiding on someone’s back patio.

Source: The News-Press, Fort Myers, Associated Press