Florida Is One Of The Worst States For Women’s Equality

Women’s Equality Day is coming up this weekend, and a new study by WalletHub determined which states are the best and worst states for Women’s equality.

According to the personal finance website, the U.S. ranks 45th out of 144 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index, which is 17 spots down from last year. Now WalletHub took an in-depth look at the gender gap in each state.

With one ranking the best state for women’s equality, Florida came in at 35 out of 50 states.

To determine the rankings, WalletHub compared all 50 states across 15 key metrics of gender equality. Some of the data collected ranged from the gap between female and male executives to the disparity in unemployment rates for women and men.

Times are changing, but unfortunately, it seems that the gender gap in the 21st Century has only expanded further. This issue is most prevalent in the work place.

Coming in at 35th overall, Florida ranked fifth in the ‘workplace environment’ category, 46th in ‘education and health,’ and 30th in ‘political empowerment.’

While coming in at 35 is not the best, Florida did rank high in further breakdowns. The sunshine state is second for smallest income gap (between men and women) and second for smallest work hours gap.

The best state for women’s equality is Hawaii, and the worst state is Utah. Alaska and Louisiana tied for the state with the largest income gap.

For a detailed list of the 50 states, rankings visit WalletHub’s 2017 Best & Worst States For Women’s Equality.