Environmentalists See Reason For Alarm In GOP Race

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Environmental issues have barely registered in this year’s Republican presidential primary, but that’s likely to change as the race turns to Florida.

The candidates’ positions on environmental regulation, global warming and clean air and water are certain to get attention ahead of the Jan. 31 primary.

Four years ago, the GOP’s rallying cry was “drill, baby, drill.” But drilling has long been banned off Florida’s coasts because of fears that a spill would foul its beaches, wrecking the tourism industry.

Also, the federal and state governments are spending billions to clean the Everglades.

Though GOP candidates are expected to express support for Everglades restoration, they have called for fewer environmental regulations, questioned whether global warming is a hoax and criticized the Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: Matt Sedensky – AP