Double Killer Kills Again, This Time In Pasco County

A man gains serial killer status after a Wednesday morning slaying in the Pasco County town of Holiday.

Warren Birkbeck, 71, stabbed his 42 year old roommate to death with a kitchen knife at their Trask and Society Drive home in a jealous rage after hearing her talk on the phone to a man.

Birkbeck was apparently in love with Denise Cook, but that affection was unrequited.

He told the 911 operator, “I killed the girl because she’s nothing but a cheating b****. I’ve just had it. I just flipped out tonight and I ended up killing her.”

This is the third time Birkbeck has killed someone.He did prison time for manslaughter in a 1963 Massachusetts killing. He also did time for a 1999 second degree murder in New Hampshire. Birkbeck was paroled there two years ago and put on probation.

He then moved to Pasco County where he lived with his sister until she died. Birkbeck then moved in with Cook and an 85 year old woman next door.

There is no indication they knew about his past. Asked why he killed Cook he said, “I just have a hard time being rejected.”