Citizens Want to Save St. Pete’s Historic YMCA

VPC3 II have submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness for Demolition of The Historic YMCA Building!!!
Their request will be heard by the St. Petersburg Community Preservation Commission on Friday, November 16 @ 9am.
YOU can assist SAVING this Cherished Landmark from DEMOLITION by assisting with our purchase contract for this property with deposits due starting (No Later Than) November, 15 2012.
To learn more what options you have and the “critical time lines” in place…Please review their website and contact them by phone or email. (DAY or NIGHT)
Save The Historic YMCA Campaign is a collective of professionals “married to a mission” to save this one-of-a-kind structure from demolition by Purchasing and Rehabilitating this cherished building then Preserving it’s integrity for many generations to come by ensuring its primary uses “compliment” the entire community of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Region.
To learn more how YOU can assist this cause please email or call us at the contact information on their website,

SAVE this Beautiful Building!!!
Stop the Demolition Plans NOW by simply adhering the current purchase contract on this cherished landmark with deposits starting (No Later Than) November, 15 2012.
RESTORE this Beautiful Building!!!
Bring back the rich historical essence of this rare 1926 find.
A 51,000+ sq ft/4 story architecturally significant Mediterranean Revival masterpiece!
Highlighted in its unique interior are Mayan decorative features, cypress beams, ornate plaster, tile pool & patio, towering gymnasium, roof top tower and large scale basement.
This historically registered (and *currently protected) building “radiates with character” and is one worthy of TOTAL restoration!
MAINTAIN this Beautiful Building!!!
We will not only ensure the residents of this Great City that we will NEVER Demolish this historic structure but also guarantee that its primary uses and public access “compliments” the entire community of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Region.
A true “community space” that entertains, educates, inspires and assists healing, happiness and prosperity for all that enter its comforting walls.
For a PDF/Prospectus outlining our specific operational goals that fully compliment this Historic Landmark and its surrounding
neighborhoods please email us at: