Chris Ingram Program: Please Don’t Be Florida For April 19

Can you guess where this weird story happened?

Kurt Shriner of AM 820 News collects a lot of stories.  Among them are strange news items from around the country, and often sadly those stories come from right here in the Sunshine State.  You may know this as the Florida Man phenomenon, but this sort of wackiness happens everywhere.  Introducing our favorite game here at News Talk Florida:  Please Don’t Be Florida.

Here’s how it works:  Kurt reads a story of a bizarre event, usually resulting in an arrest.  Chris, producer Blake Bass, today’s guest Mark Giller of The Resurgent, and you at home guess whether or not the story took place in the great state of Florida.

This week, we have a mostly naked man, under the influence of substances, screaming and punching cars in a grocery store parking lot.  Kurt gives the details, and everyone here in the Sunshine State crosses our fingers and says please, don’t be Florida.

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