Car’s Backfire Mistaken For Gun Shots, Locks Down High School

Photo: WFLA

A Polk County high school saw early morning police activity and was placed on lockdown after supposed gunshots were heard in the school’s parking lot. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office reported the sound of a car backfiring prompted a quick response from faculty members of Lake Gibson High School in Lakeland, who believed they might have heard gunshots.

Faculty members reported hearing gunshots at about 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning. The school was immediately placed on lockdown as deputies began arriving at the scene to check classrooms and surrounding areas.

No victims and no evidence of a shooter were discovered. Witnesses confirmed to deputies that a car in the school parking lot backfired, causing the panic.

Shortly after, the sheriff’s office announced the apparent gunshot sounds were from the car backfiring.


The lockdown was lifted at 8:40 a.m. and the school announced via Twitter for students to report to their second-period classes.

As the day returns to normal for Lake Gibson deputies will remain on the scene.

The school had a panoramic picture scheduled for seniors today but announced it would be postponed. The postponed date has not been released yet.