Boy Finds Loaded Gun In Ybor Movie Theater

YBOR CITY – A 9-year-old boy and his father went to the movies Monday afternoon expecting to see one of the latest flicks.

Instead, the boy found a loaded gun in a bathroom stall. Many people are wondering whose gun it was, and fortunately, no one was hurt.

It happened at the Ybor Muvico. We’re told Tampa police were alerted immediately and were there within a few minutes.

The boy is telling police he went into a bathroom stall and found a Glock 26. The boy showed his father, who then called 911.

Officers now have the gun and are working toward trying to find the owner and determine if it was used in a crime.

Police say they’re also working with the FDLE to process the gun. Even if the owner has a concealed weapons permit, police say the person could still face charges.


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