7-Year-Old Girl Plummets Out Window With Heroin In System

CONEY ISLAND — A 7-year-old girl with signs of serious abuse — including heroin in her system, rope marks and evidence of sexual abuse — plunged out of the window of her relatives’ apartment Wednesday night, less than two hours after cops found her wandering the streets alone and brought her back to her family, law enforcement sources said.

The girl, who lives in Florida but was in Brooklyn visiting her father’s relatives, fell from a sixth-floor apartment in the Gravesend Houses at 7:43 p.m. Wednesday, sources said.

The girl was rushed to Lutheran Hospital, where doctors found signs of sexual abuse, rope marks on her hands and wrists, and so much heroin and methadone in her system that investigators believe they were administered via injection, the police sources added.


Source: DNAinfo.com