30 Day Sweep Of Tampa Begins

She was one of six code enforcement officers who fanned out, embarking on a 30-day mission to lay eyes on every piece of property within their respective zones and hand out violations for things like overgrown lots, junk cars, derelict boats and any other unsightly things.

Urban blight has degraded these targeted neighborhoods, she said. Coomey began on corner of 99th Street and 22nd Avenue. “For me,” she said, “It’s easier to walk.”

She headed west on 99th. In one block, she wrote up two citations for junk cars in the front yards and took the address down on a house with a fence fronting the street that was too high.

She made note of a vacant lot with waist-high brush and a four-foot-tall pile of rotting limbs and yard trash just feet from the pavement.

“House by house,” she said, “property by property.”


Source: TBO