13-Foot-Python Found On St. Pete Golf Course

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – Golf courses in Florida are known for their wildlife, but rarely has anyone in St. Petersburg ever seen what was spotted over the Memorial Day weekend.

“He told me … ‘Mom do you see that snake?’ And I’m like ‘What?'” recalls Nancy Davis.http://www.floridatoday.com/videonetwork/2435326895001/13-foot-python-makes-home-in-golf-resort

Davis was with her 16-year-old son, Brad, in a canoe paddling along the back side of the Vinoy Golf Club when the two spotted a giant, Burmese Python swimming along the mangroves.

“What we saw was like, eight feet out of the water and it continues on in … I can only imagine it was 12 or 13 feet at least.”

“When he shot the picture to me it was like, ‘holy crap, just like in the Everglades,'” says Brad’s father, who had a photo of the snake sent to him on his cell phone.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials have confirmed the snake is a Burmese Python. A team of trappers was dispatched to the neighborhood earlier this week, prompting the HOA to issue a warning to residents.

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