Florida University Suspends Student Tailgates Pending Review

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The University of North Florida has suspended student tailgating before athletic events pending a review.

The Florida Times-Union reports the suspension is meant to give the school a chance to address safety issues and re-engineer the events. An associate vice president for student affairs, Everett Malcolm, says meetings with students to determine how to change tailgating start next week. He says possible re-branding efforts will focus on getting students to enjoy themselves responsibly and may include free music and food. He says UNF’s Division of Student Affairs will handle tailgates.

UNF Athletic Director Lee Moon says there are typically about 1,000 students at each tailgate event, with about 200 attending the game.

UNF coach Matthew Driscoll says the suspension feels punitive, like “almost a slap in the face.”