Florida Taxes Cut $121 Million For Families

ORLANDO, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 5601 that cuts more than $121 million in taxes. The signing of this legislation also brings the total tax and fees savings for Floridians to more than $500 million. The legislation saves Floridians through three sales tax holidays—one each for hurricane supplies, back to school supplies and energy efficient appliances, creates sales tax exemptions on child car seats, youth bicycle helmets, college meal plans, therapeutic pet foods and cement mixers, and reduces the tax paid on electricity.

Governor Scott said, “This year we worked to promote a $500 million reduction in taxes and fees because Florida families should keep more of the money they earn. Last month, I signed legislation that will put $400 million back in the pockets of Floridians through reduced motor vehicle fees. This legislation will let Floridians keep another $121 million of their own money.”

Senate President Don Gaetz said, “Before the 2014 legislative session began, Speaker Weatherford and I joined Governor Scott in a commitment to cutting taxes by $500 million. Today Rick Scott delivers on the largest broad-based tax cut in a decade. If you’re a young family with small children, your life-saving car seat will cost less. If you’re a family saving for college or paying for it now, your student’s meals will cost less. If you’re buying a computer or clothes for your son or daughter to start school or begin their first job, you will pay less because of Rick Scott’s commitment to pro-family tax cuts. When this Governor makes a commitment he keeps it.”

House Speaker Will Weatherford said, “This session, the Florida Legislature set out to provide Floridians with the largest tax cut of its kind in a decade. Working with Governor Scott, we are proud to give Floridians back more of their hard-earned dollars through meaningful tax relief.”

Senator Garrett Richter, President Pro Tempore, said, “Governor Scott had a great idea to let Floridians keep more of their own money through sales tax holidays and tax exemptions, and I’m excited to have been part of the team that made that goal a reality for Floridians.”

Senator Joe Negron said, “As a member of the legislature, I take seriously how we allocate the state’s money and pride in crafting smart policy. This legislation reflects both ideals and I’m thankful Governor Scott signed the bill so quickly.”

Senator Jack Latvala said, “It was an honor to be part of the team that built the tax saving package in HB 5601. Credit goes to Governor Scott for the great idea and for the leadership of the Florida Legislature for making it possible.”

Senator Dorothy Hukill said, “Governor Scott and I believe that Floridians know how best to spend their own money. That’s why we worked to return over $100 million in tax cuts to Florida families through this legislation.”

Senator Anitere Flores said, “I am proud to have played a role in securing savings for the people of Florida. Governor Scott had the right idea when he said Floridians deserve to keep more of their own money. This legislation made that possible and Floridians will retain more than $120 million as a result.”

Senator Wilton Simpson said, “I greatly appreciate Governor Scott’s leadership and his commitment to working with the Legislature. As a result of the efforts put into HB 5601, Habitat for Humanity will be able to continue their mission of breaking the cycle of poverty in Florida. Habitat gives a hand up – not a hand out – to Floridians who work very hard to realize the dream of home ownership. This benefits our communities in countless ways and I’m very proud to support the Governor as he signs this legislation.”

Senator Bill Galvano said, “I’m proud to have supported Governor Scott’s goal of reducing the tax burden on Florida’s families. This legislation provided $121 million of the more than $500 Floridians will save.”

Senator Eleanor Sobel and Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda said, “The tax-free energy star holiday helps Florida families save money and protects our environment by encouraging Floridians to buy energy-efficient products.”

Representative Ritch Workman said, “I am proud of my contribution to the drafting and passage of HB 5601. It was great to work with Governor Scott so we could achieve more than $120 million in tax savings for Floridians.”

Representative Seth McKeel said, “I know Floridians appreciate the annual sales tax holidays for back-to-school supplies, and I hope they also take advantage of the tax free periods for hurricane supplies and energy saving appliances. It was great to work collaboratively with my fellow legislators and Governor Scott to make these savings possible this year.”

Representative Matt Hudson said, “Governor Scott knows the importance of helping Florida families and students prepare for school and hurricanes through the sales tax holidays in this legislation.”

Representative Mike Hill said, “There will be three tax free holidays this year—one each on hurricane supplies, school supplies and Energy Star and Water Sense appliances—thanks for Governor Scott’s commitment to let Floridians keep more of their own money. He already signed one bill to lower vehicle registration fees that saved $400 million and with today’s bill signing, Floridians will save another $120 million. It is a privilege to have been the bill sponsor for the vehicle fees reduction and a part of the team that made these savings happen for Floridians.”

Representative Larry Ahern said, “I am excited to tell my constituents about the tax savings they can attain this year because of this legislative package and Governor Scott’s goal to reduce $500 million in taxes for Floridians.”

Rick McAllister, president and CEO of the Florida Retail Federation said, “The Florida Retail Federation congratulates Governor Scott for delivering on his promise to bring meaningful tax relief to Florida’s families and small businesses. Florida’s retailers appreciate the hard work of our lawmakers in putting together more than $500 million worth of broad-based tax cuts to put more money in the hands of Floridians. Governor Scott is committed to leading Florida to economic prosperity, and it’s working.”

Bill Herrle, Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business/Florida, said, “This broad tax cut package ensures that all Floridians get a piece of the pie. It will encourage citizens to participate in helping the economy by making those purchases they need to make, while keeping some of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets. We thank Governor Scott for his leadership in finding more ways to promote economic growth in Florida.”

Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce, said, “Governor Rick Scott has once again shown his commitment to Florida’s families and small businesses by providing broad-based tax relief. The Florida Chamber of Commerce thanks Governor Scott for his leadership toward improving Florida’s economy and for making Florida the best place to live, work and do business.”

Carol Dover, President and CEO of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, said, “With the support of the state legislature, Governor Rick Scott continues to cultivate a positive economic environment and ensure Floridians have the opportunity to appropriately prepare for storm season. The signing of this bill, that reduces $100+ million in taxes, will allow business to thrive in Florida, creating more jobs for families and boosting the number of visitors that can experience our great state.”

Tom Feeney, AIF President & CEO said, “On behalf of the Associated Industries of Florida, we applaud the Governor for his leadership in reaching a goal of $500 million in tax cuts for Floridians. By signing House Bill 5601, which contains $105 million in tax relief, into law today, Florida businesses and families will be able to prosper through the stimulation of our economy, job growth, and Florida becoming an even more attractive place to live and conduct business.”

Sherri Meadows, 2014 Florida Realtors President, and CEO and team leader of Keller Williams with market centers in Gainesville, Ocala and The Villages said, “Florida Realtors is very supportive of the three-day energy efficient product holiday that will exempt the first $1,500 of the sales price of Energy Star appliances, as well as the nine-day, tax-free hurricane supplies holiday. Promoting energy-efficient homes and preparing property owners for storm season are wins for Florida homeowners.”

Doug Wheeler, president and CEO of the Florida Ports Council, said “This legislation reduces taxes for both commercial enterprises and Florida’s families, which will in turn stimulate our economy and make our state more business friendly. With our ports working hard to create jobs by attracting businesses to Florida, this is great news. The Florida Legislature and Governor Scott have again demonstrated their commitment to making Florida the most fiscally successful state in the nation, and to each Floridian working to provide for their loved ones.”

Bryan Desloge, FAC President and Leon County Commissioner said, “The Florida Association of Counties supports Governor Scott’s tax reforms that will provide an economic boost to Florida’s taxpayers. This tax package lowers taxes while also preserving home rule for Florida’s communities.”

Source: Florida Government Media