Florida Missing Girl Jury Stuck on Murder Charge

MIAMI (AP) _ A jury in Miami has reached verdicts on some charges in the case of a woman accused of killing a young foster child but was deadlocked on the murder count.

The 12-person jury said in a note Thursday they had voted 11-1 on the murder charge against 67-year-old Geralyn Graham.

The verdict must be unanimous.

Jurors said they had reached verdicts on kidnapping and aggravated child abuse charges but did not say what the verdicts were.

The jury was scheduled to resume deliberations Friday.

Graham is accused of killing 4-year-old Rilya Wilson in late 2000. The girl’s body has never been found.

It took authorities 15 months to discover Rilya was missing from Graham’s home, leading to a shakeup at the state Department of Children and Families.