Florida Live: Blaise Ingoglia Discusses Florida Primaries

Florida Live host Dan Maduri discusses Tuesday night’s big victories in the Florida Republican primaries with GOP Florida Chairman, Blaise Ingoglia. They talk Ron DeSantis, President Trump and more about the impact of Tuesday’s results.

Blaise speaks on how the GOP was able to attract so many voters among all the “blue wave” talks. “The Democrats overperformed from what we thought. We thought we were going to have maybe a 200,000 to 250,000 voter advantage over the Democrats in terms of primary voters and it actually wound up about 110,000 so that last runup of voters over the last day is probably what helped Andrew Gillum get past Gwen Graham. But look, yeah they keep talking about this blue wave and I’ve been saying that there isn’t going to be any blue wave. At the most, a little ‘blue ripple’ that’s going to hit against a big red wall and I think you saw that last night and you’ll see that again in November.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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