Florida Gas Prices Up Again

Florida’s gas prices are on the rise yet again.

The price at the pump has risen every day for 20 straight days and it’s more bad news today if you’re looking to fill your gas tank.

The prices per gallon is inching even closer to the $4.00 per gallon mark.

The average national gas price is $3.68 today. Florida checks in with a $3.74 average price and the Bay area’s price is $3.69.

As recently as Feb. 8, the Bay area price was $3.44 per gallon. The lowest local price this weekend was $3.59.

And, with rising tensions in the Middle East involving Iran’s not backing off their nuclear program and their threats to block shipping along the Strait of Hormuz, officials are predicting the prices will go higher before they get any lower.

Last week, the average Tampa Bay Area price per gallon was $3.62.  Today, you can find gas as high as $3.70 or higher.

The nations highest price per gallon is reported to be in San Diego with $4.24 as an average.