FL Senate and House Feud Gets Nastier

Florida Senate leaders Wednesday demanded that the House return to the capitol building in Tallahassee, a day after the House abruptly adjourned three days before the end of the session.

Senate President Andy Gardiner, D-Orlando, said the early House shut down violates the state constitution. The constitution effectively says both houses must agree for one or both to adjourn for more than three days.

House members left town with several major bills still pending a vote, but the main issue is Medicaid expansion, which the House is against, and the Senate is for.

The Florida budget for next year can’t be finished and sent to the governor until lawmakers decide whether to take more federal money to cover more uninsured Floridians.

House Speaker Steve Crisafulli maintains his chamber has finished its business.

Senate leaders are threatening to take the early House adjournment to the Florida Supreme Court for a quick ruling.