FBI Resume Search For The Body Of Notorious Gangster

Oakland Township, Michigan — The FBI — working on information from an aging reputed mobster — began digging in the waist-high grass of a Detroit-area field Monday in yet another search for the remains of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, according to a law enforcement source with direct knowledge of the investigation.

The information that sparked the latest hunt in the nearly four-decades-long search for Hoffa is “highly credible,” the source said.

Agents were executing a search warrant for a field in Oakland Township, north of Detroit, based in part on information provided by alleged mobster Tony Zerilli.

The paperwork filed under seal that accompanies the search warrant is described as “several pages long,” according to the source, and it explains thy the FBI believes the search is justified.

“The information provided by Tony Zerilli is highly credible,” the source said.

By late afternoon, the search had been underway for several hours but there were no indications of any developments.

The search was on private property, and media and curious onlookers were kept some distance from the search site.

FBI Special Agent Bob Foley, head of the agency’s Detroit office, told CNN at the scene that the information leading to the search “reached the threshold of probable cause, which was sufficient to allow us to obtain a search warrant.

“If it didn’t rise to that level then, certainly, we wouldn’t be out here.”


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