Father Tries To Make Abortion Pill Deception Illegal

TAMPA – The father of a woman authorities say was tricked by her boyfriend into taking an abortion pill called on legislators Monday to make the man’s actions a crime in Florida.

“No father should ever have to see his daughter go through something like this,” Edward Lee told reporters Monday, referring to his daughter, Remee Jo Lee, whose boyfriend, authorities say, slipped her a drug that caused her to miscarry their unborn child.

John Andrew Welden was arrested last week on federal charges, including product tampering and murder under a federal law known as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. If convicted, Welden faces a life sentence.

Prosecutors say Welden forged a prescription from his father, Stephen Welden, a practicing OB/GYN physician. Then, authorities say, John Welden changed the label to make the drug, Cytotec, appear to be the common antibiotic amoxicillin.

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