Father Recognizes His Own Abondoned Baby On Social Media

FOX 13 News

Child Protective Services released a photo on Wednesday of an abandoned baby in Houston.

It didn’t take long for the father, Glen Williams, to realize that the picture CPS (Child Protective Services) released was in fact his 2-month-old baby.

The baby, named Glen Williams Jr., was found all alone in a car seat in the main lobby of a post office in southwest Houston. Next to Williams Jr. was an extra diaper with the name “Jesse” written on it, a pacifier, a bottled water, and some baby formula.

After CPS released the photo, it started to blow up on social media, and that is when Williams got the knock at his door.

“The lady knocked on the door and she had the picture of the report and I saw that was my child,” Williams said.

According to FOX26, Williams was not married with the baby’s mother and they had recently broke up. He said he knew it was his son in the picture right away by the clothes he was wearing.

“I recognized him himself, and the clothes he had on because I bought them for him,” said Williams.

CPS told FOX26 that the child was wearing a wet, dirty onesie, but had no signs of being malnourished or abused.

Omar Malacara, a resident in Houston, expressed his opinion. “Why did you do this? Do you not have a little bit of kindness in your heart?”

Williams Jr. spent Wednesday night at a foster home, and the father was be able to claim his son during a scheduled court date on Thursday morning.