Facebook Creates New “Say Thanks” Videos


Thanskgiving is a day of gratitude, giving thanks, and spending time with family and friends. But are you looking for a new way to show your appreciation for your friends and family?

According to 10News, Facebook is showcasing their newest feature “Say Thanks,” which allows users to create personalized videos to express their appreciation during Thanksgiving.

Users will be allowed to choose between five different themes. Nick Kwiatek, the engineering manager of Say Thanks, said that you can choose which photos and posts you would like to show on Facebook and they can be edited to capture a friendship.

“Our hope is that people will love it, that it will make them feel good and they will want to share this with their friends,” Kwiatek said.

Cameron Ewing is the design manager on Facebook’s new feature. He said that Say Thanks videos are personal, and that by showing these videos, a person on Facebook can grasp the feeling of friendship.

“We have improved the efficiency at which we can serve video,” Ewing said. “And that allows us to do these kinds of projects.”

Video has become a big part of Facebook’s template, and Facebook’s CEO and co-founder believes that videos are very effective.

“This quarter, we announced a new milestone for video on Facebook, achieving 1 billion video views a day of native videos,” Mark Zuckerberg said. “During the summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge, there were more than 10 billion video views by 440 million people, which is a good sign of how far our video product has come.

Videos are indeed an effective way to communicate to the social media world. Several images can be shown in a video instead of one, and sometimes a video can bring more emotion to the viewer, rather than just a single picture.

We’ll see if the “Say Thanks” videos will go as viral as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did this summer.