Everest University Colleges Are At Serious Risk

At four Everest University campuses across the Tampa Bay area, students are attending summer courses and enrolling for programs in massage therapy, master’s degrees in business administration and everything in between.

What these students may not realize, however, is that Everest University’s corporate parent, Corinthian Colleges, is reeling financially, and has been forced by the federal government to sell or shutter its schools.

Without a recent release of $16 million in federal funding, the once-profitable chain might have already closed its colleges’ doors.

The chain enrolls 72,000 students nationwide and takes in $1.4 billion in federal financial aid a year. The DOE put a hold on $16 million of that after suspicion over its facts and figures on student grades and job placement.

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Matt Stein is a season-credentialed media member covering the Tampa Bay Rays and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also assisting with coverage of USF Athletics. He attended the University of Tampa and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Sport Management.